Hi! My name is Allie and I am a recent graduate. Im currently looking to live in NYC, (Hudson Yards/Hells Kitchen area) as I have a full time job starting in early September. I'm super friendly, love to make new friends, and very clean/organized. Please feel free to message me!
Hi! I'm Genesis. I'm looking to move out now since I've come back to the city and currently work as a paralegal. I would like to move out as soon as possible if not by August 1. I like exploring new places (love traveling), discovering new foods around the city and occasionally working out. I am very organized although I don't necessarily mind a contained mess although I'm an introvert I can al...
Currently living in SF and relocating to NY for work the first week of September. Looking for a room in an apartment or a roommate to find an apartment with. Clean and respectful; love to cook, drink wine and binge watch bad TV shows. Remain fairly active and busy, but looking to find a roommate who also wouldn't mind hanging out!
I moved from Texas last November and I work in midtown. I have a 50 pound dog and a cat. Both very friendly and come with a roomba. I love sports, exploring the city, rooftop bars and travel. Looking for a laid back and respectful roommate. Giving each other space is important but would like to become friends rather than strictly roommates.
Hey!!! I'm from Paris. I follow courses in Finance. I m very outgoing and dynamic. Very social! I love dancing, going out, shopping and discovering new things. I'm going to stay in New York City during 4 months.
Hi! I m new to the city and looking for a roommate and place to live. I am a neat roommate and enjoy going out on the weekends and keep it pretty chill during the week. I work in advertising in midtown and recently graduated from Syracuse University.
Moving up to NYC for work. Low key, clean, outgoing guy who keeps to myself. Enjoy finding new places for food and drinks. Sports nerd that also enjoys all kinds of TV shows. Looking for a place to stay for the duration of the NFL season for work.
Hello! I m currently a sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I m studying fashion design with a minor in ethics and sustainability. I m always out if not work, then walking around the city. I m very clean and keep to myself.
Hi! I will be moving to NYC in September for a new job, after almost a year of travelling. I am originally from Rhode Island but most recently living in Berlin for 4 years. I work as a Mechanical Engineer and love doing things outdoors in my free time (climbing, hiking, mountaineering, trail running, cycling, skiing, etc). Im also an ice hockey player and generally like to stay active. Work kee...
Hi! My name is Jessica Hartman & I m moving up to NYC from Atlanta, GA. I m 23 & looking to start my career in business. I love the city. I m very friendly and enjoy just hanging out, low key wine nights but also would love a roommate who I can explore the city with & get into fun adventures on the weekends. I m pretty clean & am looking for a nice apartment that won t break the bank just yet.
Hello :) My boyfriend, my 2 adorable kitties, and I are looking to find an amazing NYC apartment with one or more other creative professionals! We are in our 30s--I am a book editor and he is a postal carrier/photographer--and we can each pay around $1,000 per month in rent and would be happy to occupy 2 rooms of a 3 BR+ apartment. I promise, we are not swingers! We just want to enrich our soci...